Tizona Fencing Club Price List

Tizona Fencing Club Price List, for more information on our services please contact us here: Contact Information

Group Class

Member $40 per session 90 minutes

Non-member $45 per session 90 minutes

Term 1:31.1- 09.4(10 weeks )

Term 2:25.4-24.6(09 weeks )

Term 3:11.7-16.9(10 weeks )

Term 4:03.10 -17.12(11 weeks )

Family discount

Full price for 1st kid

10% discount for 2nd kid

15% discount for 3rd kid

Elite Class

$45 per session 60 minutes

Offer only available to members

Please be aware that the kid with the highest hours will be charged full price.

Adults students are not included in family discount

Private Lesson

Duration Member 1 Student 2 Students Non-member 1 Student 2 Students
15 mins $23 $25
30 mins $45 $45 $70 $50 $50 $86
45 mins $68 $68 $90 $75 $75 $99
60 mins $85 $85 $110 $95 $95 $125

Once booked into a time slot, the lesson fee for the full term will be charged and student will keep the same time slot for whole term.


Full Annual Membership Fee (12 months) $590 for 8-year-old and above

Family discount

30% discount for 2nd kid and 3rd kid

U7 Mini Annual Membership Fee (12 months) $400

Family discount does not apply to Mini members

Floor fee is waived for a maximum of 2 weeks until you decide to be a member.


Floor Fee

Non-member will be required to pay the $25 floor fee when join our bouts for the day.

Gear Hire

You will be charged $10 for gear hire, all gears are cleaned and sanitized after use. But for your safety from COVID-19, we advise buying your own fencing equipment.