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Fencing system in Australia

Fencing is Olympic sport, Australian Fencing Federation and Fencing Victoria provide opportunities for everyone to take part in the sport.
Fencers can start to do the sport at different age. Fencers can train as well as participate in competitions.


Fencing Competitions

Competitions are not compulsory, fencers can take their time to develop their skill and when they are ready, they can start to compete.
At the same time we encourage everyone to take part in competitions, because we believe competitions are exciting and interesting events. It is a good motivation for fencers to try to achieve their best.


FREE trial lesson

Future fencers are invited to attend one FREE trial lesson. During this trial session, a new fencer will train with a group or individually and be assessed by the coaches in order to find the most suitable level for the fencer.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]