How to find information about upcoming competitions

At the start of each year Fencing Victoria and the Australian Fencing Federation release calendars of fencing competitions. Your coaches will use these to form an appropriate plan for which competitions you should attend. They will inform you of when you need to register.

How to Register and Enroll

  • You must be a member of Fencing Victoria (FV) to register for state based competitions.
  • The link to FV can be found on the Tizona website.
  • Before competitions FV will send out an email informing you when registration is open.
  • Go to FV and enrol in your chosen competition.
  • Check with your coaches what equipment is required, such as blade size or FIE equipment.
  • The Australian Fencing Federation (AFF) will host national competitions.
  • Your coaches will advise which competitions will be suitable for you.
  • To enrol you must access the AFF website. The link can be found on the Tizona website.
  • Your coaches can assist you if necessary.

What do I do?

  1. Check your competition date.
  2. Go to FV or AFF  website and enrol in the competitions.
  3. If required, book your hotel and flight tickets.
  4. Check your equipment and ensure you have the correct standard for the competition. Your  ask your coaches for help.

What do I bring to the competition?

  • Bring your fencing equipment
  • If you forget something, don’t worry, you can buy equipment at the competition
  • Bring a towel, spare t-shirt, food and water, medical kit (band aids, cool spray)

Equipment Required

What will you do before start off?


Your fencing bag can be included as part of your checked baggage allowance and is checked in as one piece with a maximum weight of 32kg. It is considered oversized luggage and once checked in must go to the oversize luggage drop-off. Inform airport staff that you have a fencing sword in your bag.

What do I do when arrive at the competition?

Competition Day

What do parents do?

  • Help your child to look after their equipment
  • Take competition videos for your coach to review
  • Encourage and support your kid
  • Make sure your kid eat and drink at regular intervals


Fencing competitions begin with the poules and proceed to direct elimination (DE) rounds.
Points are earned during poules and a ranking decided. The DE tableaus will be presented by the DT on information board after all poules are finished and the ranking decided.
Look for your name and find the piste number and starting time for your DE.