Club Etiquette


Treat fencers, new members, guests and staff with respect at all times in a manner free from discrimination or harassment on the basis of race, colour, religion or gender.


Never raise a weapon toward an unmasked person.  Wear safety equipment and appropriate clothing in all fencing classes, practice sessions and tournaments.  Treat fellow fencers with respect and ensure their safety.   Members will let the coaches know if they suffer from an injury, illness, or cannot continue.


Celebrate each other’s accomplishments and work together as a team.  Treat teammates as equals and strive to make them better fencers whenever possible.

Good Sportsmanship

All members are encouraged to respect opponents, officials and spectators.  Salute opponents and referees before and after each bout and shake hands with your opponent after each bout in a sportsmanlike manner.  Learn to accept loss and victory with graciousness.


Members are expected to listen to their coaches, giving full attention and to try their best at every practice.


Be an ambassador for Tizona Fencing Club and the sport of Fencing.  Do not bring the club into disrepute by words, actions or attitudes that may be offensive.