Tizona Fencing Club aims to create an inclusive environment and a united community to train members of all ages from novice to national level.

We offer a structured environment that focuses on developing the physical athlete through fitness, strength and agility.

We support our fencers to understand the technical aspects of fencing and to develop mental strength through building confidence, and a go-for-it attitude.


At Tizona, we recognise that each member may have different reasons for fencing, whether it be to improve fitness, participate for fun or seek to be an elite athlete.

Whatever the motivation for fencing, our coaches will develop individual plans for each member to support them to achieve their goals.

The Coaches will evaluate every student in the club on a quarterly basis helping them plan what they need to work on in order to progress in fencing.

With attention to detail and safety, our classes are carefully monitored by experienced staff.

Whatever your aspirations or motivations, you are welcome at Tizona Fencing Club!

The other dropped the lance and the sword he took in hand; when Ferrán González saw it, he recognized Tizona, rather than wait for the blow he said, I am defeated!

Tizona Fencing Club is dedicated to the pursuit of excellence through the sport of fencing.  We aim to promote the positive values of the sport and help our students achieve their maximum potential in fencing and in life by inspiring them to strive to reach their goals. Our mission is to develop a life-long love of fencing.

La Tizona


Tizona, is an ancient sword of legend!   The great Spanish medieval warrior, El Cid,  used La Tizona to battle the Moors.  It is one of Spain's most cherished and important relics, a national treasure, that can be found at the Museo de Burgos in Burgos, Spain .

In 1999, a small sample of the blade underwent metallurgical analysis which confirmed that the blade was made in Moorish Córdoba in the eleventh century and contained amounts of Damascus steel, which was purposely forged to create some of the sharpest and strongest swords ever created in history.

Club Etiquette

  • Treat fencers, new members, guests and staff with respect at all times in a manner free from discrimination or harassment on the basis of race, colour, religion or gender.
  • Never raise a weapon toward an unmasked person.
  • Wear safety equipment and appropriate clothing in all fencing classes, practice sessions and tournaments.
  • Treat fellow fencers with respect and ensure their safety.
  • Members will let the coaches know if they suffer from an injury, illness, or cannot continue.
  • Celebrate each other’s accomplishments and work together as a team.
  • Treat teammates as equals and strive to make them better fencers whenever possible.
  • All members are encouraged to respect opponents, officials and spectators.
  • Salute opponents and referees before and after each bout and shake hands with your opponent after each bout in a sportsmanlike manner.
  • Learn to accept loss and victory with graciousness.
  • Members are expected to listen to their coaches, giving full attention and to try their best at every practice.
  • Be an ambassador for Tizona Fencing Club and the sport of Fencing.
  • Do not bring the club into disrepute by words, actions or attitudes that may be offensive.